Life Coach

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As a Personal/Professional Life Coach we offer services, assessments and tools that support you in strategically navigating uncertainty that may be generated by life or career transitions.

By reducing stress producing cortisol levels and cultivating calming oxytocin levels, we help you anchor new pathways of learning and discovery. This opens the door to blasting through blocks that may be holding you back, makes room to care for personal realms, creates space for you to let go of the past and close reality gaps, then builds on interpersonal communication while preparing for new roles and personal or professional development.

Areas of Focus

  • Stress Management Coaching
  • Mapping / Discovery
  • Health & Wellness
  • Transition Coaching
  • Strategic Coaching
  • Uncertaindty to Trust


  • Living in the Present Moment
  • Clear Roadmap
  • Peace / Calm
  • Strategic Living
  • Development of Aspirations
  • Seeing Through a Different Lens


360 Verbal®

360 Checkpoint®

Profile XT®

Profiles Sales Assessment®

Profiles Managerial Fit®



Over 30 Frameworks

Deep Dive Exploratory

C-IQ Frameworks

Workshops Related to Life & Transition Coaching

Getting Unblocked and Find Your Authentic Self

Overcoming Life’s Obstacles Through the Power of Journaling

Time Management for the Artist & Others

Elizabeth understands her client's needs because she is skilled at asking questions and has keen listening skills. Her pleasant personality makes her easy to be honest with and her knowledge becomes evident as she speaks. All I have referred to Elizabeth have only positive comments, praise and gratitude.

Miles Makarowski | Miles Makarowski Painting

Elizabeth is passionate about coaching and advising clients to achieve amazing results and goes beyond expectations with clients to deliver amazing improvements in performance. At her seminars, people often have life-changing experiences. She is especially skilled at coaching creative professionals who are blocked to get unblocked, along with coaching people to improve their speaking and presentations, and coaching start-up entrepreneurs to get traction and success in their business. When you work with her, you will find an advocate who cares deeply about your success and works extremely hard to help you achieve your most noble and inspiring aspirations. I am happy to recommend her to anyone seeking new levels of performance and creativity.

Andrew Neitlich | Center for Executive Coaching

I recently worked with Elizabeth on a team building project. Her ability to keep the team focused while providing alternate possibilities anchored the project which ended in success. Elizabeth is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. Her ability to coach others one on one or in a group setting is top-notch. I feel comfortable recommending Elizabeth to others searching for high-quality coaching and consulting.

Mike Ikona, Psy.D., PCC, PMP, RMP, ACP | Partner at Systemic Consulting Group and Adjunct Instructor at UCLA Extension

I had the pleasure of working with Elizabeth and observe her coaching style in a number of settings. She impressed with her ability to actively inquire and listen. Her richly diverse professional experience, her artistically inspired background, and the authentic sincerity to her coaching practice engages and empowers.

Sabine Stolle-Dobrott, M.A., CEC, C-SAP, CRP | Commercial Training, Leadership Development, Organizational Development, Executive Coaching, Alliance Management

The first time I truly understood the value of executive coaching, I was working with Liz Benson. Everyone talks about having a lightbulb moment- when something that you already knew comes into focus. Liz has helped me and many others have those lightbulb moments. Her questions are insightful and challenging and her enthusiasm is contagious. I highly recommend Liz as a coach and look forward to working with her further myself!

Heather Ahlburn Emerick | Learning & Development Specialist/ Executive Coach